Flights for Everyone

Student Everyone
Dhaka $839* $889*
Dehli $848* $898*
Karachi $1040* $1090*
Mumbai $848* $898*
Lahore $1040* $1090*
Nepal $798* $848*
Dubai $1598* $1648*
London $1480* $1530*
Los Angles $1588* $1638*
Round the World $1820* $1870*

Cut Price Travel

is a discount online travel agent. Our aim is to provide HEAVILY DISCOUNTED AIRFARES based on our competitors' pricing.

Having owned and operated a large corporate travel agency since 2011, we began to identify a huge opportunity for offering discount flights to Round the World Trip by combining different routes and airlines. With this in mind, Cut-Price was launched in 2011, as a tool that offers travellers from all around the world fully personalised service and great prices.

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