About Us

Cut Price Travel is a discount online travel agent specialising in flights to and from Indian Sub-Continent. Our aim is to provide HEAVILY DISCOUNTED AIRFARES based on our competitors’ pricing.

Having owned and operated a large corporate travel agency since 2011, we began to identify a huge opportunity for offering discount flights to Indo-Pak by combining different routes and airlines. With this in mind, Cut Price was launched in 2011, as a tool that offers travellers from all around the world fully personalised service and great prices!

What makes Cut PriceTravel different?

  • You send us your ideal travel itinerary. As soon as we receive it, one of our travel agents will start assessing your requirements to come up with the best combination of routes and airlines.
    We will respond within 1 hour with the cheapest possible option
  • We offer discounts which are usually 30% or more in Economy, Business and First Class flights
  • You receive fully personalised service at the world’s cheapest prices!

Why are our tickets so cheap?

We have a team of travel agents working for us who manually look for the best combination of routes and airlines that will generate the cheapest possible flights. Once we have identified the best possible flight, our licensed travel agency which is an IATA member issues the tickets.

What is the purchase process?

  1. Enter your itinerary and personal details in the Cut Price Travel homepage and send it to us for processing
  2. Cut Price Travel will respond to your enquiry within 1 hour. The response will include at least one sample itinerary and an estimate of cost. You will then need to reply with any comments or changes. Once you are happy with the draft itinerary, we will issue a Travel Reservation including final cost.
    This reservation will include:
    1. A link to your itinerary on Sabre (The world’s leading processor of travel bookings)
    2. A final price in your chosen currency
    3. Details of payment using Visa card – Master Card
  3. To guarantee both the quoted price and availability, you will need to pay within 48 hours. If you require changes to your Travel Reservation, email us on Cut Price Travel to discuss changes
  4. Once your payment has been processed, we will email you your e-ticket
  5. You’re ready to fly!